As Identified by Management, Board, and Staff

Updated from 2012 Action Plan, and 2014 Strategic Action Plan – Prepared by Board, Management, and Staff

Goals Action Steps Indicators Who When
Fundraising a)  Cook Book Salesb)  Face-book page showing and selling hand-made items

c)  Mass Mail-out with direct request for donations

d)  Lottery or break-open tickets



More money in donations and lottery account a)  Mgmt. and Staffb)  Staff

c)  Management

d)  Management

a)  Ongoingb)  Ongoing

c)  Dec. 2015

d)  March 2016

Public Relations a) Power-Point presentations, b) Ongoing advertisements, radio messagesc) Host conference on sexual assault People will have more knowledge about our services, occupancy may increase, more referrals received.  a) Mgmt. and Staffb)  Management

c)  Board, mgmt.., staff


a)  Ongoingb)  Ongoing

c)  Fall 2016


Public Relations – Organizational Development and Advocacy a) Newspaper, Articles, Picturesb) Trade Shows

c) Interagency Presentations

d)  Develop a newsletter for inclusion on our web-site and for distribution to other agencies


a) Published Itemsb) Attendance at 2 every other year in Fort Frances/Emo

c) Presentations

d)  People will have a greater awareness of what we do

a) Staff, Mgmt.b) Staff

c) THSP and   Outreach

d)  Management


a) Ongoingb) Annually

c) April 2016

d) Summer 2016

Human Resources – Training a)  Each person identifies their own needsb) Core Training

c) Training & Internal Communication Plan

d)  Training on Effective Practices in Sheltering Abused Women with Mental Health and Addiction Issues

e)  Guest speaker invited to every other staff meeting

a) Needs identified on performance evaluationsb) New Hires

c) Standing item on staff meeting agenda

d)  Training session attended by majority of staff

e)  Guests attend staff meetings every other month


a) Allb) Mgmt and new staff

c) Mgmt

d)  Mgmt and Staff

e)  Mgmt and Staff


a) Annuallyb) As Needed

c)  Monthly

d)  End of 2016

e)  Spring 2016


Human Resources – Positive Environment a)  Survivor Gameb)  Xmas Dinner

c)  Board Mtg. Minutes

d) Explore with staff other team building activities


a) Participation by Staffb) Participation by staff

c) Minutes read by staff

d)  Discuss at staff meetings quarterly


a) Staff and Mgmt.b) All

c) All

d) All



a)  Ongoingb) Annually

c) Monthly

d) Quarterly



Board – Succession Board members actively seek out interested persons.  Look at criteria/skills.  List of potential Board members Board Ongoing
Board – Reserve Fund a) Transfer 10% of THSP funds to reserve fund accountb) Continue to focus on building improvements for Shelter


a) Money transferred by fiscal year endb) Examine

the infrastructure survey, building audits, staff wish list

a) Mgmtb) Mgmt and Staff


a) Annuallyb) Bi-annually


Annual Review a) Review the Action Plan and Strategic Planb)  Implement a Program Review for Outreach, Counselling, THSP, and front-line – targets and variances a)Plan in place and operationalb)  Review plans completed for each Program offered at Shelter a) Mgmt, Staff, and Boardb)  Mgmt., Staff, and Board a) Annuallyb)Bi-Annually
Improve VAW Services a)  Explore best practices of sister Shelters – send a worker to another Shelter for a weekb) Young Women’s groups

c) Services in West End of District will be enhanced

d) Hold weekly group for making a traditional craft

e )  Continue to look at harm reduction

f)  Implement changes resulting from Program Reviews to enhance services

a) Remain connected to other shelters – Worker attends another shelterb) Young women’s group begins

c) More services available in west end

d) More groups being offered throughout Districts

e) Harm reduction practices fully implemented

f)  Changes will be reflected in final Program Reviews

a)  Mgmt and staffb) Mgmt and Staff

c) Mgmt and Outreach

d) Mgmt and Staff

e) Mgmt, Staff, and Board

f)  Mgmt., Staff

a) Fall 2016b) Fall 2016

c) Ongoing

d) Spring 2016

e) Fall 2016

f)Summer 2016