Outreach Program

An Outreach Program is available, offering a variety of public education forums and workshops on numerous topics including dating violence, sexual assault, suicide risk assessment, and self-esteem building. One group per week is held in 2nd Stage with community women and Shelter women attending, providing a Bake’ n Take session where a recipe is chosen and made with the Outreach Worker, and the clients each taking home the results of their efforts.

This same worker also provides therapeutic counseling to victims of violence who may require further intensive one-on-one counseling due to the trauma they have endured. We will provide assistance to doctors who have a patient that has been assaulted by attending to the woman at the hospital or clinic and providing support wile she is medically examined. We will attend with the police following a call of a domestic disturbance, with a focus on providing for the woman’s immediate safety needs. Our Outreach and Counselling Programs can be of assistance to numerous service providers.

Call (807) 597-2868 whenever you know of a woman in need of expertise in women abuse issues.